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Welcome to ILM

As I sit down to write the description for this video I can't help but dwell on how we got here. This project was intended to be a "promo" for us as a real estate company. Instead, we ended up capturing the soul of a city and the spirit of DO(ing) GOOD. It would have been easy to play it safe & show you happy homeowners signing contracts & us handing over the keys. That's been done before. By everyone.

Our vision from day 1 was to raise the bar in our industry. A wise man once said "real estate matters but it can be done better. Much better". I never wanted to get into the "we're better than the other guy" game. DO GOOD is not focused on being the biggest firm with the most top producers. Our focus is on quality, transparency & offering A killer customer experience. Do Good is a home grown, people powered, local company that stands for something.

Thanks to the incredible support of SO MANY people in our community we have been able to create something that matters to people. One client at a time we have been able to create a movement of "Do Gooders" who believe in our mission and want to contribute to it. What has followed is a trail of "Feel good" stories, surprises & lots of press.

As we leave 2012 and gear up for 2013 our plans are to kick things into high gear. Our company is growing the right way, with quality people and we invite each of you who watches this Video & supports what we stand for to join the DO GOOD movement and help us spread the word.

Please go to our , find this video on our wall & *SHARE* it with your friends.

A BIG Genuine THANK YOU to all of our supporters who have helped us get to where we are and WELCOME to all of our new ones.

Looking forward to what the future holds. "We're gonna make it right". -Ryan Crecelius, (Chief Do Gooder)

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*** This video was made possible by a lot of people including UNCW, Kyria Henry, Keith Ketchum & our Do Gooder client & friend Tiffany Bowie. Finally, we want to send a BIG Thank you to our incredibly talented friends at for all of your hard work, being eager to push the limit & making this video the best it can be. You guys are awesome!

P.S- Thank you to my best friend John for taking this ride with me & Thank you to my fiance' Lindsay for always believing in me.

  • Welcome to ILM

    Welcome to ILM

    03:21 minutes

  • Surprise...! A

    Surprise...! A "Feel Good" story

    02:04 minutes

  • Cape Fear Housing Land Trust: The Vision is a Reality

    Cape Fear Housing Land Trust: The Vision is a Reality

    03:44 minutes

  • Making

    Making "DREAMS" Come true

    03:37 minutes

  • Do Good Real Estate: B-Corporation

    Do Good Real Estate: B-Corporation

    04:40 minutes

  • Radio Interview

    Radio Interview

    02:54 minutes

  • Video for INC. Magazine

    Video for INC. Magazine

    00:57 seconds

  • Carolina Canines Donation

    Carolina Canines Donation

    01:52 minutes

  • Make a Wish Donation

    Make a Wish Donation

    01:39 minutes

DO GOOD Real Estate

Do Good Real Estate is a homegrown, socially minded realty company focused on building a "next-gen" brand that delivers a "feel good" experience that no else offers. Quality, Transparency & Giving back come standard.

How we are different

Certified B CorporationCertified B Corporation
Certified B Corporations are a new type of corporation which uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

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